play DVD

Besides watching TV shows and playing media files on your PC, Aviosoft DTV Player also offers you an extra amazing function: play DVD.

Step 1. Insert DVD into your DVD drive. Aviosoft DTV Player will auto load your DVD.

Step 2. Useful buttons:

and : Click to play or pause DVD playback.

and : Click to play previous or next chapter.

: Click to show DVD Nagivator Panel as below:

Left, right, up, down arrow and enter button for DVD menu Navigation.

: Go back to play status.

: Show DVD menu.

: Eject/Close: eject/close DVD-ROM.

: Step forward frame by frame under Pause mode/

: Save current position as bookmark.

: Repeat title/chapter.

: Set A and B repeat point.

: Display/select angles menu for the movies which have many angles of view.