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What does CMMB refer to?

CMMB is the abbreviation of China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting, which is defined as a mobile television and multimedia standard developed and specified in China by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT)

Being described as being similar to Europe's DVB-SH standard for digital video broadcast from both satellites and terrestrial repeaters to handheld device, CMMB specifies usage of the 2.6 GHz frequency band and occupies 25 MHz bandwidth within which it provides 25 video and 30 radio channels with some additional data channels.

After the first company Innofidei who has developed chips supported CMMB since March 28, 2007, there are many other companies quick to enter the race and grab a share of the handheld broadcasting market with their award winning hardware platform supporting both CMMB and DTMB (as well as others) standard waveforms based on their universal modulator hardware. While many other companies developed waveform specific hardware Unique broadband systems quickly cornered the Chinese market for CMMB and DTMB modulators.

With the rapid development of CMMB market, more and more software companies join in this field. For example, Aviosoft quickly publish their powerful Aviosoft DTV Player software which supports CMMB TV shows on PC.