As upgrade version of Aviosoft DTV Player Standard, Aviosoft DTV Player Pro offers you more useful functions as below:

Convert recorded files:

Aviosoft DTV Player supports to convert your recorded TV shows into AVI, ASF, MP4 for iPad/iPod/iPhone/BlackBerry/Sony PSP, 3GP for known mobile phones. Take Analog TV show as an example, please refer to Recorded TV Converter for detailed guide.

Play media files:

Click "Open" button on Main Control Panel, select "Play Media Files"or right click video window, select "Play From" ->"Play Media Files", then select one or more media files, you will begin to play media files.

If playback multiple files, you can click "" or "" button to skip playback.

When playing a file, you can drag the progress bar to control the playback status.

Play DVD:

Step 1. Insert DVD into your DVD drive. Aviosoft DTV Player will auto load your DVD.

Step 2. Useful buttons:

and : Click to play or pause DVD playback.

and : Click to play previous or next chapter.

: Click to show DVD Nagivator Panel as below:

Left, right, up, down arrow and enter button for DVD menu Navigation.

: Go back to play status.

: Show DVD menu.

: Eject/Close: eject/close DVD-ROM.

: Step forward frame by frame under Pause mode/

: Save current position as bookmark.

: Repeat title/chapter.

: Set A and B repeat point.

: Display/select angles menu for the movies which have many angles of view.

Capture DVD video as still images:

: Click to capture still image on your DVD.